House hunting? I want my weekends back!

House hunting? I want my weekends back!

Committing yourself to buy a property is almost like taking on a second full-time job.

It can be so exciting at first. Getting to inspect some great properties, figure out what you do or don’t want in a home, and pick up some valuable knowledge about the market on the way.

Not only are you out inspecting properties on weekends, weeknights and some weekdays, you’re also bound to spend countless hours doing research, chatting to real estate agents and getting advice from family or friends.

This is, of course, all on top of your normal job, parenting duties, household chores and the odd bit of socialising, too.

Before you know it, three months have passed. It’s Wednesday night. You’re on the couch eating takeout for the third time this week because you’ve just come home from a 7.30pm inspection after a full day of life.

It’s at this point that you realise the excitement of house hunting has faded. You want your life back.

Sacrificing all your spare time to look for your new property can affect not only your social life and relationships but also your mental health, leaving you feeling trapped, depressed and unsure.

The overwhelming number of properties you’ve seen, the information you’ve absorbed and the speed and price at which other homes have sold for can lead you to make compromises you might not have needed to make.

This, if not sooner, is the time to engage a buyer’s agent. You can outsource all the stressful, hard work, and create a more enjoyable buying experience that will help you to make clearer decisions.

It means you can spend your weekends and weeknights with family and friends while your agent heads out to inspections, does all the research and comes back to you with a great shortlist of properties.

Most importantly it means you’ll get your sanity back!

This was very much the case for Fearghal and Anne who, after finding it almost impossible to fit house hunting in with the rest of her life, decided to turn to a professional.

“Finding time to search for our new home initially proved both difficult and daunting. I was working the fly-in-fly-out from Brisbane to Perth with only one in every third weekend at home to view properties in a highly competitive market,” she says.

“We were determined but quickly realised we would need assistance finding the right home for our growing family, in the right location and at our price point.”

Anne and Fearghal had to sacrifice time with the family in those short-lived weekends back home to head out to never ending inspections.

That’s when she called on Shane from Cohen Handler to help her out.

Shane quickly put her mind at ease, helping to narrow her search and providing guidance and direction in the competitive market.

“Shane’s assistance through the entire process – from finding properties that met our criteria, organising viewings, negotiating with the sellers and organising settlement – was invaluable.”

As they return to their busy schedule with work, there’s peace of mind they get to enjoy her new property with those closest to them.

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