Is your buyer’s agent independent?

How do I know my buyer’s agent is independent?

So, you’re thinking about using a buyer’s agent but in the back of your mind you’re wondering, how do I know they have only my interests at heart?

The right buyer’s agent works exclusively in the interest of the buyer when it comes to researching, sourcing and negotiating a deal on the perfect property.
However, as with any big decision, it’s crucial that if you’re looking to hire a buyer’s agent, you should research thoroughly to make sure the agent is completely independent.

The reason why it’s so important for you to have this knowledge, is so that you know that when you agree to have an agent represent you, they will be doing their best to give you the most opportunities and access to absolutely everything that exists in the marketplace. They should not be aligned with one single selling agency, rather, have strong individual relationships with multiple selling agencies.

Here are some questions you might ask.

Do you work under a selling agency or for an independent buyers’ agency?

Some buyer’s agent may work for a branded selling agency, and therefore may give preference to properties within their own agency when presenting them to buyers. They may even be a selling agent who are also assisting local buyers.
The Buyers’ Agents at Cohen Handler are a team of experienced independent specialists. We do not represent the sellers in any way and will always negotiate on what is in the best interest of our clients – the buyers.
Most importantly, we have established long-standing relationships with our local real estate agents and provide consistent support and nurture these relationships with respect for our local markets and operate inside in our own buyers’ agency office and not as part of a property advisory team within a real estate office.

Can I see your record of purchases in our chosen area and perhaps speak with your past clients?

When selecting a buyer’s agent, ensure you look at their track record. If your agent is showing an element of favouritism towards one agency or selling agent, you may want to question why that is the case and whether they are willing to show you property from other real estate agents. If the buyers’ agent can show evidence that many different agencies are being used each time this is a good indication that the buyers’ agent is independent.
Personal recommendations are the best measure of integrity and success. Don’t be shy to ask for testimonials, and examples of purchases for previous clients. A good buyer’s agent should have many to share.

How do I know that your interaction with selling agents is not a conflict of interest?

The buyer’s agents at Cohen Handler are in constant contact with our clients, updating them on progression of every stage of the process. We aim to be as transparent as we can when it comes to conversations we’re have with selling agents. When updating our clients, it is important that you are involved for certain conversations they have with the agents almost every time.

At Cohen Handler, we are always working hard to ensure we match our clients with the right properties and implement the right practices to ensure we can achieve the best results for our clients. This can only be done if we have our client’s full trust and confidence throughout the buying process, allowing us to present them with endless opportunities and give them the most access to everything that exists in the marketplace.

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