Negotiation strategies that give you the competitive edge

Cohen Handler’s buyers agents can build a negotiation strategy around your unique circumstances. They use knowledge of the market, the property you’re hoping to buy, and their relationships with real estate agents to increase your chances of successfully purchasing the property.

Understanding the nuances of property negotiations, including anything uncovered in the due-diligence process, and matching strategies to the type of sales, such as auction campaigns, expressions of interest and private treaty, allows your buyers agent to secure the property at the right price and terms.

Pre-auction negotiation

If a property is headed to auction it might be a solid strategy to try to purchase the property before it goes to auction, because of their unpredictability.

However, Cohen Handler’s team will assess the interest in the property through their strong relationships with the sales agents. This helps also gauge the vendor’s selling goals. Along side these factors, we assess the market conditions to determine if it is best to let the property’s sale and auction process play out.

On-market negotiation

Most vendors will look to undertake a sales process to find as many potential buyers as possible. Your Buyers Agent will assess whether there is an opportunity to negotiate a purchase before the end of the sales campaign.

Post-auction negotiation

If a property doesn’t sell at auction, vendors will often look to negotiate with the highest bidder and other serious parties.

This stage can take some time, but a Cohen Handler Buyers Agent will work to understand the best strategy to secure the property at the right price and terms.

Off-market negotiation

Trying to secure an off-market property before the vendor decides to test the open market requires an understanding of their motivations and selling goals.

This could be a favourable result for the buyer, dealing with less competition, as opposed to the open market.

Negotiation Only Service

Negotiation strategies that give you the competitive edge

The negotiation stage can be the most stressful and emotionally taxing part of the property journey.

When you’re ready to make an offer on a property, or have had trouble with the process of negotiation in the past, we can assist you, acting as your advocate during the negotiation process.

We understand not everyone needs our Full-Service offering and in some cases our Negotiation Only service is a great way to close the deal.

Get in touch for more information about our Negotiation Only package.

Why choose Cohen Handler for property negotiations?

Navigating the intricacies of property negotiations requires insight, and a deep understanding of the various nuances of market dynamics and the vendor’s goals. 

At Cohen Handler our Buyer’s Agents’ negotiation strategies have been developed through thousands of interactions with sales agents, conveyancers and sellers, enabling them to confidently navigate all scenarios, and achieve the best outcome for their client. 

We help reduce the emotional stress of negotiations, focussing on your and real estate goals while liaising with the sales agent, lawyers and other involved parties.

Save money, time and emotional strain

Our buyers agents’ goal is to negotiate the best price on a property, and save you money, time and help reduce the emotional strain out of buying property.

Sometimes the negotiation is simply about securing the property in a competitive market, but Cohen Handler aims to get the lowest price possible.


The duration of a property negotiation varies based on factors like the property’s uniqueness, market conditions, and the seller’s responsiveness. We work to streamline the process, aiming for timely and successful negotiations. 

However, once a negotiation is in full-swing, it can move quickly. So, it is important to have all your financing in place, due-diligence completed and be ready to act quickly to secure the property.

Property negotiations consider various factors, including market trends, property condition, seller motivations, and comparable sales. Our Buyer’s Agents leverage this information to tailor effective negotiation strategies.


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