When it comes to securing the perfect property in Perth, Cohen Handler stands out as your local experts.

Headed by Ryan Lobik, a Perth local, the team are deeply entrenched in the Perth market. Actively engaging with sales agents, brokers and economists, the Cohen Handler Perth team ensure our clients receive the most up-to-date and relevant information to make informed property purchasing decisions.

Our Perth buyer’s agents’ strong industry connections mean our clients receive access to both off-market and premarket properties, and a greater pool of properties than the traditional model of searching on their own.

Local expertise, national experience

Founded in Double Bay, NSW, we’ve been expanding our footprint Around Australia since 2009 and have become Australia’s leading buyer’s advocacy team. Since we started, the Cohen Handler team have conducted over 90,000 inspections and transacted more than 2,700 successful purchases worth more than $7 billion.

Our Services

Cohen Handler’s Perth buyer’s agents are here to provide you with a holistic and tailored approach to buying your dream home or even building your property portfolio.


Our comprehensive full-service offering covers every step of the property purchasing journey from property sourcing, due diligence, negotiation, auction bidding and pre-settlement inspections.


Our clients benefit from our well established and trusted sales agent relationships, strengthening your position in any negotiation.

We provide specialised negotiation services, giving you strategic insights to save you money.


Trust our Buyers Agents in Perth to represent you confidently on auction days, easing the pressure of auction conditions, competitive markets and sticking to your budget. This is Included in our full-service consultation however also offered exclusively if needed.  



How a Perth Buyer’s Agent Helps You

One of the key advantages of having a buyer’s agent is leveraging their relationships with sales agents who regularly provide insights into potential properties coming on the market or are only being offered off-market.

The speed at which we can acquire a property for you can vary depending on your unique requirements and the current market conditions. Quite often we have achieved a short turn around time for many of our clients.

Our buyer’s agents in Perth have connections that give you access to properties that may never hit the open market, ensuring you have opportunities others might miss.

Every buyer brief is unique and our buyer’s agents in Perth go to great lengths to ensure our service is delivered to maximise your time by targeting the most appropriate properties, ensuring a positive property buying experience.

We excel in the art of negotiation, ensuring you secure the right property at the right price. Our buyer’s agents in Perth leverage their extensive local knowledge to negotiate effectively, tailored to diverse scenarios and considerations related to each potential purchase.

Having an offer accepted is by no means the job done. There are a host of important steps to be overseen and actioned prior to settlement. We ensure the process unfolds smoothly and the final handover of keys is done with all parties satisfied.

Benefit from our extensive experience in the Perth market, gaining access to some of the city’s most exclusive homes.

Our rigorous due diligence process uncovers the true nature of a property. Our Perth Buyers Agents, leave no stone unturned, ensuring your investment is free from unwelcome surprises. This is achieved thorough background checks and a network of professionals including, conveyancers, pest and building inspectors, trades people and thorough assessments of land and title documents.

For high-profile clientele, our Buyer’s agents in Perth ensure privacy from initial inspection right up to settlement, safeguarding non-disclosure agreements and private viewings.

Cohen Handler is there to support you every step of the way, right from initial brief, all the way to the pre-settlement inspection. Our buyer’s agents in Perth ensure the property your intent to move in to or invest in has not been adversely affected since the initial inspection and exchanging of contracts.

Reviewing the performance of your property portfolio is essential to ensure your individual goals for building long term wealth and passive income. 

We can assess the rental return and capital growth of each property and compare with comparative listings and suburbs to determine which properties are under performing. 

With this information we can make recommendations as to how to re-strategise your property portfolio to improve performance, whether it means adding value via cosmetic renovations, revaluing the property and using equity to secure another or even selling a property to free up capital that can be worked harder in a better suburb.

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FAQ for our Perth Buyers Agents

Hiring a buyer’s agent in Perth, such as Cohen Handler, ensures you have a local expert guiding you through the intricacies of the market, helping you secure the best property at the right price.

A buyers advocate or buyers agent offers various types of services such as:

Searching and gathering properties that meet your criteria and then negotiating the purchase of that chosen property (whether by auction or private sale.) Depending on your needs, a buyer’s agent may search for one particular property or an entire portfolio, or they can negotiate a better price for you by compiling insights via due diligence and conducting building and pest reports on your chosen property and then developing a negotiation strategy, or they can bid for you at the auction of a property you may have found.


An off-market property is a home that has yet to be advertised to the public and is not yet ‘on the market’. The sellers may have already engaged a selling agent and have a price point in mind, but they might be sitting back or taking their time to prepare before taking the property public. They use this time to see if their agent can attract any interested buyers before they must advertise the property publicly.


There are few surer ways of making money than investing in real estate. You can potentially strengthen your financial position and generate wealth, but it also means you’ll have a product that will be in demand as long as people need a place to rest their heads. But how do you choose your first investment property? There are a few things you’ll need to bear in mind.


Buyers agents and Buyers advocates are licensed and regulated real estate professionals who act on behalf of the property buyer. Their purpose is to research, find and negotiate a perfect property for their client.

This is as opposed to a real estate agent who has a contract with the seller and therefore has their best interests at heart. A buyer’s agent will always negotiate in favour of you, their client.


How do you know when you’re getting what you want and what you’re paying for regarding buyer’s agents and their fees?

Or if you’re not? Most buyer’s agent’s fees will start at one per cent and move up depending on the service type the client wants.


Whether you’re relocating to Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or Melbourne for the first time, returning from years overseas, or looking to invest in the Perth property market, our services are specifically designed to make the process as simple and successful as possible.

Our executive leasing partners at Cohen Farquharson offer relocation services to assist in the transition.