What does a Buyers’ Agent actually do?

Many potential buyers can benefit from engaging a buyer’s agent to act on their behalf, but a lot of buyers also aren’t sure about what they do. If you’re looking to buy, here’s how a buyer’s agent can help you.


What is a buyer’s agent?


Buyer’s agents are licensed and regulated real estate professionals who act on behalf of the property buyer. Their purpose is to research, find and negotiate a property that is perfect for their client.

This is as opposed to a real estate agent who has a contract with the seller and therefore has their best interests at heart. A buyer’s agent will always negotiate in favour of you, their client.


Buyer’s agents work with you


The first thing a buyer’s agent will do is sit down with you and find out exactly what kind of property you are looking for and where you are hoping to buy.

A good buyer’s agent will have extensive knowledge of the area their clients are looking to buy in.

Here at Cohen Handler we have agents in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, so even if you’re looking to buy interstate, we’re likely to have an agent who will be familiar with the region in which you’re looking to buy.

A buyer’s agent will carefully research the area, prices and market history. They will then present a number of properties, after inspecting them to ensure they fit your brief.


Save time and money


Buyer’s agents are there to find the right property. This means they eliminate any properties that at face value may seem to fit the brief but on further inspection aren’t quite right.

They save buyers time by researching what’s on the market, inspecting homes their client may be interested in and reporting back on what they’ve found. This means you don’t have to spend your precious downtime inspecting unsuitable properties.

A buyer’s agent will also know about ‘off market’ listings. These are properties that are for sale but have yet to be publicly advertised. Here at Cohen Handler, our close relationships with real estate agents across the board means we have unrivaled access to off market listings. This ensures we can make an early and exclusive offer on a client’s behalf.

Buyer’s agents also have plenty of experience in negotiating to get their clients the right price and can represent their buyers at auction.

Their knowledge of local markets means investors can also benefit from employing a buyer’s agent. Agents have a good idea of which properties have the highest yields and where rental homes are in high demand.


How a buyer’s agent can benefit you

What a buyer’s agent offers above everything else is confidence. Most people aren’t born investors, and even the ones that are have to learn the market. Working with a buyer’s agent gives you the confidence that you’re making the right decisions, that you’re taking steps that move you meaningfully towards your goals. 

It all starts with strategy. Buying property isn’t an exact science, but there are signs and warnings we can look for to help us choose a course of action. At Cohen Handler, we can help you interpret what the market is saying, developing a response that helps you achieve your long-term goals on your timeframe. Whether you want to find a beautiful home for your family or are looking to grow your portfolio to the point where you can live off of your passive income, it all starts with us understanding your objectives and presenting you with a plan of attack. 

Next, we support you. Whether you’re about to enter into negotiations with another party or are looking to sort the thousands of homes on the market down to a manageable shortlist of favourites, we provide the brains and the muscle you need to achieve your goals. 

Finally, we represent you. Home buying is a complex process requiring liaising with potentially dozens of other parties – not just the seller. We provide a single point of contact for these parties and keep you abreast of any updates, allowing you more time to yourself and less time bogged down by administration.


Representing you in your dealings with other agents


As an unrepresented buyer, you’re at a distinct disadvantage in any purchase. The seller has the upper hand – they’ve got all the information, all the resources and all the support. So much happens behind the scenes during a property purchase that can directly influence your financial future for decades, and most buyers are blissfully unaware. 

Don’t be most buyers. If you’re looking for a better result on your next purchase, a buyer’s agent is the only way to ensure that your interests are represented. Purchasing property without a buyer’s agent is like going to court without a lawyer – you could still win, but most people see the value in having someone who knows the system, knows how to manoeuvre within it and knows how to translate your goals into real action. 

Cohen Handler provides the support you need for a stress-free and rewarding purchase. We go beyond just passively advising you, delivering the in-person representation you need at auctions and negotiations to get the best possible outcome. 

When you travel to a foreign country, travel with someone who speaks the language. Speak to Cohen Handler and find out how we could be your guide to real estate.


Buyer’s agents are for everyone


While some people think buyer’s agents are only for the wealthy, they can in fact work for anyone. Whether you’re on a strict budget or looking for a multi-million dollar home, a buyer’s agent can help you with anything from a $300,000 investment to a $20 million+ home.

Cohen Handler works with young couples, young professionals, large families and down-sizer’s to help them find their ideal homes or investments.


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