Save time and energy while we refine your options

Browsing through multiple listings on weekends and speaking to sales agents and can be overwhelming.

Cohen Handler’s Buyer’s Agents save you time and stress associated with property inspections.

Our Buyer’s Agents will inspect a property on your behalf to see if it matches your brief, and understand whether it is worth your time and effort to view it.

Leave it up to an expert to inspect your long-list of properties so that you can make confident and effective decisions.

Why use Cohen Handler’s buyer’s agents to inspect properties for you?

  • Inspecting off-market properties and providing you exclusive access before other buyers
  • Save time and only inspect properties that meet your brief so you can make faster decisions about the best properties
  • Have an expert buyer’s agent look for risks and opportunities for that can aid negotiation strategies, beginning your diligence process

What do Cohen Handler buyer’s agents look for at home inspections?

  • Identify potential issues or concerns that might have been overlooked.
  • We look for a property’s advantages and weaker-points at home inspections.
  • We use our findings to formulate a negotiation strategy that enables you to secure the right price.
  • A buyer’s agent will not guarantee that the property is structurally sound or is free of pests. A building and pest inspection by a third party expert will provide a report that confirms any risks or doubts about the property’s structural elements and pest concerns.

Cohen Handler’s property viewing expertise provides you the right opportunities sooner

After sourcing properties on and off-market, your buyer’s agent will inspect, assess and narrow down the right options for you. They will also provide objective advice so that you get the best opportunities and recommendations.  

Many of our clients feel greater peace of mind from the expertise and convenience that our inspection services can provide. This enables you to focus on other life commitments and act quickly once the right opportunity is presented to you. 

Following our recommendations, you’ll decide which properties to inspect.

If you are not able to attend an inspection at all, we can make arrangements to show you through the property via video conference or virtual tour if provided by the sales agent.

Inspecting off-market properties gives you greater access with less competition

Cohen Handler is regularly sourcing off-market properties for clients as this provides more opportunities to consider with less buyer competition.

Cohen Handler’s Buyer’s Agents are given priority access to inspect these opportunities.

Clients who have missed out on several properties find this aspect of our service extremely beneficial.


Since Cohen Handler was founded in 2009 our Buyers Agents have conducted thousands of inspections of all property types, right round Australia. They are trained in what to look for, for your specific set of needs and circumstances.

If you’re not local to the property, our Buyers Agents can conduct property viewings on your behalf and provide feedback afterward. If you cannot attend in person we will either undertake a video walk-through, detailed photographs, or work with you to find the best way to familiarise yourself with the property.

After each property viewing, we’ll discuss our findings with you and address any questions or concerns that you may have. If you decide to move forward with a property after seeing it yourself, we’ll discuss the strategy moving forward and bring you along the journey towards securing your next home or investment.

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