How a buyer’s agent can save you money

How you can save money with a buyer’s agent representing you

Everyone jumps at the chance to save a buck, whether it’s on clothing, health insurance or a bargain buy at the grocery store. So why should buying property be any different?

There are so many advantages to bringing on the services of a buyer’s agent, but many people don’t realise that a buyer’s agent can help you save money, no matter if you’re looking for your first home, investment or dream property.

Buyer’s agents can save you money in a number of ways, making sure that you’re walking away from negotiations with a little cash in your pocket to put towards the life you’ll be living in your new home.



Save money through negotiating

Buyer’s agents are professional negotiators. They represent the buyer in negotiations so their goal is to achieve a price within the buyer’s budget that might leave them with spare change.

With all this knowledge and understanding under their belts, buyer’s agents know how to close a deal at the right price for their buyer. Experienced agents like those at Cohen Handler can even use their skills to negotiate the sellers down to the buyer’s price point.

The last thing any buyer wants to do is go into negotiations unprepared and inexperienced and come out feeling that they have paid too much for a property.


Save money at auction

Buyer’s agents know when to go hard and when to opt out. They use their knowledge to judge whether a property is worth as much as the sellers are asking. This can save you money at auction. If bidders are using techniques that are sure to inflate the price, a buyer’s agent will know when it’s time to ditch the paddle.


Save money through off-market-sales

Buyer’s agents are independent and are always representing the buyer in every transaction. Their understanding of the market helps them develop good relationships with agents and they are often invited to see properties before they are launched to the general public.

This means their clients have the chance to walk through suitable homes that no other buyers have seen and if interested, can make an offer before anyone else does.

If the offer is strong enough, a buyer’s agent can negotiate to sell the property off-market, limiting competition and therefore keeping the price at a level that is affordable for their client.


Save money by doing the research

Time is money and research can cost both. Buyer’s agents have all the tools and knowledge they need to navigate the market for their clients and make sure they aren’t wasting their time or money looking at properties or suburbs that aren’t suitable for their needs or are out of their budget.

There is little point in organising building inspections for properties that will likely sell above your budget during auction or negotiations. Buyer’s agents can quickly eliminate properties that are priced higher than their worth and steer clients away from homes that don’t fit their specifications, meaning buyers wont waste time or money ordering costly market or building reports.

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