Randwick, NSW 2031 Spacious Apartment

Type of Property: Apartment

Reason for Purchase: Primary Residence with the view to lease in the future

Address: Randwick, NSW 2031

Property Journey:

Wendy was referred to us by a previous client and was unfamiliar with the buying process and also unsure how to determine good value. As this was her first purchase she wanted to ensure she bought a property that had good capital growth prospects and if she decided she would rent it out in the future would also have a good return. We presented her with about 8 potentials in the 2 month period we worked together.  Some we were both happy to walk away from as the purchase price blew out of the water to the point where it was no longer a feasible investment and others just didn’t pull at her heart strings. Finally we found the one that was perfect for her and got it for an incredible price – even under her budget.

Client Testimonial:

“I had been thinking of buying property for years, but could never get myself motivated. When I finally decided to go ahead, I was unsure at first about using a buyer’s agent. I liked the idea, but every dollar was precious. I can now say with certainty that Walter saved me both money and angst. I could tell from early on that he was trustworthy and had my best interests at heart. He was also reliable, friendly and knew how to ‘read’ situations in a way that I never could. I would strongly recommend Walter to anyone who is daunted by the prospect of buying property in Sydney.”