Randwick, NSW 2031 2-Bed Room

Type of Property: Apartment

Reason for Purchase: Property Investment

Address: Randwick, NSW 2031

Property Journey:  

Nicky was referred to CH by a prominent local real estate agent because she had been struggling to buy for the past 12 months. So much so, that she’d given up on the idea of ever finding a 2 bedroom unit and was starting to focus on a 1 bedroom unit. She wanted me to move fast and secure a deal so my biggest challenge was to slow the process down till we found the right property. She was amazed when I started finding 2 bedroom units and was really surprised when we secured one of them for 615K which she thought was impossible. It was great to be part of her journey and help her secure a great property at a great price, especially as it was an area she’d given up on.

Client Testimonial:

“I’m really excited about our flat, 2 bedroom, renovated, courtyard & strange, a car space. We paid $615,000….which I’m really happy with. I’m sure this would have been sold at auction for around 635-650k. Walter was awesome. He was proactive, communicative, easy to work with, all day & night. He’s relaxed, down to earth, super helpful & landed us a fantastic pad. Without him I would have (eventually) bought a one bedroom nice flat that was affordable but this feels like a great deal.

I would never have even attempted to go for this flat as I wouldn’t have felt we’d have a chance.  He was constantly looking at ‘long shots’ and I soon realised we’d end up buying something over and above what I would ever have bought myself. I’d be more than happy to recommend him and answer any questions anyone may have about him.”