Queens Park, NSW 2022

Type of Property: Apartment

Reason for Purchase: Investment Property

Address: Darley Rd, Queens Park NSW 2022

Property Journey:      

The client was seeking an investment property that would deliver both capital growth and a sound return on investment within the eastern suburbs. In a heated market it was important to buy a property that would see a good rental yield and growth over the coming years rather than an area that had already peaked. For this reason focus was put on the Queens Park, Coogee and Clovelly. This was supported by our property management team who had seen high rental demand for these suburbs.

The property was sourced by Alexandra pre-market but due to the high standard of renovation and location overlooking the park the property needed to run to market for one weekend. With 43 groups viewing in one day and over 12 contracts out the property was highly competitive and secured by a marginal figure above another party.

The property was put online for rental immediately and had the fastest turnaround Cohen Handler Property Management had ever recorded.