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North Bondi

Type of property: House

Reason of purchase: Primary Residence

Address: North Bondi, NSW, 2026

Property Journey:

The clients came to Cohen Handler after actively looking for their next family home for nearly two years as they had a very strict criteria.

Simon Cohen and Steven Langman worked together maintaining a flow of communication with the clients ensuring everyone was on the same page.

Simon and Steven demonstrated their experience and networks in the industry by sourcing various off-market properties for the client to view. The clients saw this house and knew it was for them.

Simon and Steven continued to go the extra mile to inspect and secure the property.


“They make it happen!  And along the way they exceed expectations at every juncture (read: every hurdle I threw at them).

Robert and I can only talk about Cohen Handler in superlative terms. Basically this amounts to unsurpassable customer service exuded in a market in which they have unsurpassable expertise. They pride themselves on finding off market opportunities and/or negotiating a fair price, and they deliver.

My budget was in inverse proportion to the exacting set of requirements that I produced (read: client from hell) and managed to exquisitely coincide with a market in rising short supply and decreasing interest rates.

I worked with Simon Cohen and Steven Langman and they worked seamlessly with each other – each knowing where we were at any stage. They only showed us properties that ticked most of the boxes. Consequently we saw very few properties through Cohen Handler, but those they did show us were quality and potential purchases. Most were off market. When Robert and I initiated some inspections on our own from an Internet lead, and without involving Simon or Steven, we always came away realising why the guys had not mentioned them to us!

Simon and Steven never wavered in making us feel they were constantly “on the case” and that we were important. They were always positive and encouraging especially when I was despairing. Almost weekly they initiated contact even if only to reassure me. “We will get there – we always do”, they told me. They were also impeccably responsive and always returned phone calls, texts and emails promptly. I am in awe at how Simon can give such individualised attention and be across his clients’ needs at any time, when he has such a big and demanding business. 

Simon and Steven understand property. They know the value of individual properties and the appropriate price range. They have extensive contacts in the real estate industry and readily requested favours on our behalf. It is only because of Steven’s contacts that we saw the property we purchased and we did so before it went on the market. He also negotiated an acceptable price. Simon insisted on inspecting the property before we committed to it, giving us added confidence in our intended purchase.

It did not end there. I was not available to organise a building and pest inspection nor to exchange contracts. Simon at short notice arranged a power of attorney and personally attended to this. However interceding was a series of seemingly endless complications and negotiations. Dejected, I was preparing to walk away. Simon asked me one question: “Do you want the house?” I said “Yes”. He said “Then we will make it happen.” They did.

However! Owing to complications with the paperwork on the new house, the period between exchange and settlement was protracted, arduous and very stressful. Despite the Buyers Agency Agreement between Cohen Handler and me having ended with the exchange of contracts, both Simon and Steven willingly continued to be involved in the transaction – Simon more behind the scene and Steven in direct contact. Steven never faltered in keeping in touch, obtaining information, liaising with stakeholders, briefing Simon, reassuring me, and providing exemplary “after sale” support.

I will unequivocally recommend Cohen Handler to family and friends.”  





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