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Investment Property in Bondi Beach, NSW 2026

Type of property: ApartmentReason of purchase: Investment Property

Location: Bondi Beach, NSW 2026

Property journey: 

The requirements & objectives for this investment was an opportunistic 2 bedroom/1bath/1 car apartment, long term hold in a desirable location with a gross yield above 5.5%.  

We managed to secure a distressed 3 bedroom apartment / 1 bathroom / 2 parking in Bondi Beach with a gross yield above 6.5%. We secured the tenants within the first 2 weeks. The process was approx. 6 weeks.


I had been looking for an apartment for over 18 months and had become pretty despondent about the whole process. Apart from the often time wasting information provided by agents and the vagaries of the market, I don’t drive, so getting to viewings was always a challenge. I am now living in China and came home for just one week. My mum had read about Ben and Simon in the SMH so while I was here, we decided to go and talk to them. After explaining what I wanted and thought I could afford, they found me something completely different! Bigger and in a better suburb than I thought was possible. The eighteen months I spent looking gave me a good idea of value and the property Ben and Simon found and negotiated, represents incredibly good value. They were fantastic to deal with, really energetic and knowledgeable. I would never have found the apartment without them, I am spectacularly grateful. I would recommend them without reservation.

Sam Cruthers (Bondi)