On Your Side of the Deal: Luxury Buyers’ Agent Ryan Lobik on His Property Philosophy

Passionate, motivated and proudly a humble Western Australian at heart, one of the state’s leading luxury buyers’ agents Ryan Lobik is a man you want on your side in a deal.

Helming the Perth division of the national luxury property buyers agency Cohen Handler, Lobik’s unique approach is built on trust, understanding and putting the buyers’ interests first.

My role is to accurately define my clients ‘must haves’ and ‘nice to haves’, in addition to the lifestyle benefits that a property location provides, to ensure the property we ultimately play for is a right fit.

Often, a client is unsure what it is they are looking for so being diligent and truly listening to discern their needs, allows me to focus in on the important factors that help define the ideal property.

Ryan Lobik with a client | Source: Supplied

For a long time, the buyer’s agency concept was a foreign idea to the luxury property buyers of WA. Spearheaded by Lobik, the recent launch of Cohen Handler in Perth has brought the modern process into the limelight.

Not only is the eminent businessman perfect to steer the Handler ship, but for Perth’s luxury buyers Lobik’s affable manner, extensive network and insightful knowledge of the local market is an invaluable resource.

Fundamentally luxury buyers want an honest representative who ensures their best interests are put first and gives them an advantage in securing the right home. For Lobik, there’s nothing that beats a true connection with clients and positive word of mouth.

There really aren’t any industry secrets that can outshine a deep and active network. 

It’s amazing how many leads I get from people I know who live in an area that clue me up as to neighbours or friends that are interested in either buying or selling. That resource is paramount to being able to offer a first class service to my clients.

Ryan Lobik with previous clients | Source: Supplied

Lobik has an uncanny ability to ease a buyer through a process that is often challenging and regularly changing. His background as a prominent designer and long-time business owner gives him a unique eye for spotting value opportunities within property and the ability to succinctly communicate a vision.

His transition into luxury property, however, hasn’t always been smooth sailing.

Just six months into the industry, a pivotal Peppermint Grove purchase for a client was a defining moment for Lobik. Plagued with lengthy negotiations and stressful interactions between the buyer and seller, the ultimately failed sale presented Lobik with the highs and lows of the property game.

This one deal however taught me much despite it not closing and I knew I had what it took to ride the highs and lows of the game.

A simple learning curve, from then on Lobik knew he could deal with the sometimes tumultuous industry. For the North Freo local being surrounded by the beautiful West Australian lifestyle is a privilege. Believing the ‘natural and built environments influence our daily lives,’ his philosophy prioritises property as an asset for improving a buyer’s lifestyle.

It’s not the price that determines a property being “luxury” in my mind, but how the property serves to add value to one’s lifestyle. If you get that right, then you’re there!