Top Tips for Buying a Good Investment Property in Sydney’s Inner West

The Sydney housing market continues to climb as renters flock to the city looking for suitable living situations. Domain reported that the median unit price in Sydney last year was $1.03 million, positioning Sydney as the most expensive city to live in in Australia. Inner west Sydney recorded the strongest annual rise in property values, up 15.4 percent in the last quarter of 2019, bringing its median house price to $1.69 million.

Sydney’s inner west continues to draw renters due to its vibrant neighbourhoods and central location. The gentrification has seen the inner west’s property market drastically shift, with record sales and a strong level of capital growth. As the city continues to grow and real estate prices climb, investors are wondering how they can get their hands on an investment property in Sydney’s inner west suburbs.

In this article by Cohen Handler, we will share our tips for buying a high-quality investment property in one of Sydney’s inner west suburbs.


Research the neighbourhoods


Sydney’s inner west consists of about 54 suburbs spanning from Glebe to Homebush and down to Tempe. Covering a large area and busting with a population of over 200,000 people, each neighbourhood is incredibly diverse. As some suburbs continue to undergo gentrification, others maintain heritage listed properties and local village shops.

Depending on which suburb you choose to purchase in, the outcome of your investment property may differ. The measure of how much rental income your investment property brings each year as a percentage of property’s market price, or rental yield will also differ depending on the suburb. For instance, the median price of a two-bedroom home in Annandale is $1.35 million but a 2-bedroom apartment unit in Abbotsford could run you almost $1 million. While Annandale and Abbotsford are both considered ‘inner west’, their property values as well as desirability differ drastically.


Consider distance to the CBD, public transport and additional features


While housing prices across the inner west often reflect the suburbs proximity to the CBD, this is something to consider when purchasing an investment property. Renters also like easy access to public transport or highways so they can scoot across Sydney with ease.

Consider what renters in the area are looking for. Newton is a diverse bohemian neighbourhood with a lively nightlife scene. Most likely renters in that area are university students or young working professionals, whereas renters in Ashfield are more likely families, due to its rich cultural heritage.


Understand the Inner West Sydney Lifestyle


A key part of what makes the Inner West such an attractive option to so many owner-occupiers and tenants is its lifestyle. An eternally trendy area with a mix of housing from large detached mansions to terrace houses and medium-density apartment living, the Inner West offers a rich selection of properties for the discerning buyer.

At most 15 km from the CBD, the Inner West blends the peace and quiet of Sydney’s medium and outer suburbs with proximity to the heart of Australia’s biggest city, with all the amenities and employment opportunities that it provides. This mix attracts both young professionals looking for a springboard to the hustle and bustle of the Harbour as well as families after a more sedate pace of life that doesn’t compromise on their children’s education or their career prospects. 

If you’re looking to harness the strong and ever present demand for this exciting part of Sydney, speak to the buyer’s agents at Cohen Handler. We’ll help make your next step your most informed yet.


Manage your return on investment


With almost 5,000 properties readily available to rent in the inner west according to Domain’s listings, the market is incredibly competitive. Before purchasing an investment property in Sydney’s inner west, consider how to ensure you make a return on your investment. Working with a buyer’s agent can make a considerable difference on your capital growth.

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