The power of the real estate network

Buy Australian Real Estate with Confidence  

At Cohen Handler are privy to working with Australia’s leading real estate agencies  across Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.  As Australia’s leading property buyer’s agency, we have a clear promise for our  customers; it’s all about making buying a property a seamless and easy experience  for Australian’s. Put simply, we represent buyers and help them find the perfect  home that suits their family, lifestyle and financial situation.    By providing our customers with all the best options and guiding them throughout  the process, we are a crucial part of the buying journey and transaction. ​Think of us  as the glue connecting the right people with the right agents and as a result, the right  properties.

To achieve the results that we do, we also service the needs of real estate agencies  by connecting our buyers to their listings. The quality relationships we have in the  industry mean that we’re able to better serve those that are trying to buy or sell their  home.

“We would do 4-6 deals a week with them (Cohen Handler) so it’s a really great deal  for us and for our clients to guarantee them the best price,” says Matt Lancashire  from Ray White New Farm. Furthermore, by having offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, we have  unparalleled reach with access to more properties and market nous.

“In my experience, I think Cohen Handler is better than other buyers agents because  of their reach and their access to interstate buyers,” claims Rob Gray from Graya  Constructions.

In the buying journey, we aim to find the right property through guiding and educating  our clients along the way. The process is transparent, we do the work and enlighten  our customers on the world of property.  Christine Rudolph from Ray White New Farm encapsulates our level of service  perfectly. “Confidentially is very important to them (Cohen Handler) as is a perfect  level of service and it’s really for that reason that I am confident and really enjoy  referring my premium clients to Cohen Handler.”

Buying a property can be a long and conscious decision. With so many factors we  ensure our buyers know that they are in the best hands, the hands of the Cohen  Handler team and our business partners. With all the best and most suitable options  in front of them, our clients not only understand the process, but also experience a  seamless journey.

“I think dealing with Buyers Agents is a great idea, I think it’s going to come into more  effect down the track because not every agent has every property . So it allows  people to see my properties and more options for themselves,” claims Ben Wakely  from Urban Property Agents.

We can’t help agree with Ben Wakely, and with a range of top Australian real estate  Agencies we are doing just that and a whole lot more.

For more on how Cohen Handler relationships works for you as the buyer contact 1300 420 160 or email: [email protected]