Simon Cohen’s March 2024 Update

The year is off to a blistering start, with most capital cities seeing strong growth. The predicted influx of new stock coming to the market hasn’t materialised, so competition among buyers is higher than ever. And so, Cohen Handler’s team are increasingly doing deals off-market. Those without access to these properties are missing out.

We are, though, starting to see the interest rate rises bite, with some owners selling holiday homes and investments that made sense for people in a different interest-rate environment. This means there are definitely buying opportunities out there if you’re ready to move now.

I have been traveling the country to visit our teams around Australia over the past few months, and I am constantly asked,”Is now the time to buy?”. I don’t have a crystal ball, but I would say that the time to buy is when you can afford it. Trying to time the market and buying in the small ups and downs we see each week or month is a fool’s errand. If you choose to view your property as an investment, not just a home, then view it as an asset that will grow in value over the medium-to-long-term. Always look for quality properties in locations that others will want to rent or buy in both now and into the future. For example, we’re increasingly seeing speculative growth in some regional areas, fuelled purely by investors with FOMO.

It’s clear that informed decision-making is more crucial than ever. At Cohen Handler we pride ourselves on our ability to navigate the market, with expert Buyers Agents around the country. We leverage our extensive network and deep understanding of property trends to get you the right property for the right price.

Simon Cohen | Founder and CEO