Simon Cohen’s April 2024 Update

With the school holidays around Australia looming, we’re expecting an increase in the amount of properties coming to the market over the coming 6-8 weeks. Agents across the country have been delaying listings to capture buyers as they return from holidays. But, it is unlikely there will be enough stock coming to market to change the balance in the favour of buyers. There is still a lack of stock, pushing prices up for those without someone in their corner fighting for the best price.

Having a buyer’s agent by your side will give you a competitive edge. Regardless of your price point.

When I started Cohen Handler, buyer’s agents were seen as a service for the wealthy. But, thanks to the hard work of our agents, and the competitive nature of the property market, we routinely help people purchase properties valued at far less than most people think. In Brisbane last month, for example, more than 40 per cent of the properties we purchased were for less than $1 million.

And, because of the competition, it’s never been more important to use a buyer’s agent. The vast majority of the properties we’ve purchased so far this year were either not available on the market, or we purchased them before they went to a competitive auction.

On your own, you’re fighting with one hand, and sometimes both, behind your back.

Simon Cohen | Founder and CEO