Victoria Road, Bellevue Hill, NSW, 2023

Type of property: Apartment

Reason of purchase: Primary Residence

Address: Victoria Road, Bellevue Hill, NSW, 2023.

Property Journey:

This client was referred to us by a previous client. They were moving from a large house in the North, and wanted an Eastern Suburbs apartment that didn’t feel like they downsizing.

Client Testimonial:

“I would like to say a big thank you for helping me achieve what I came to you saying was “the impossible “ a home in the Eastern suburbs. You have dealt with us very honestly, professionally and with good humour. Daniel, nothing has been too much trouble for you and your willingness to please us has been really unwavering. I cannot recommend you highly enough and feel you have earned every cent, you are an asset to the business. The organisation is very well run and on the ball, a slick operation which makes things happen.”