Type of Property:  House

Reason for Purchase:  Primary Residence

Address: Confidential


Our client had been looking to relocate to Brisbane from country Queensland.

They had tried to go it alone for a few months but found the process difficult and very time-consuming, especially with the added travel time.

When they began their search they had indicated they had previously lived in Hamilton, but given their brief (which included a large block), they didn’t feel it was possible to find what they were after in Hamilton or Ascot within their budget and had suggested we look in suburbs such as Clayfield, Grange, Kedron, Wilston, Woolloowin.

Within only 3 weeks the perfect property was sourced pre-market. Through Cohen Handlers exclusive service the client was able to get access before any other buyers were able to see or access the property.

A strong negotiation strategy was put in place and the property was secured below market value.

Our clients couldn’t be more impressed from the whole process.

Looking for your dream home? Let Cohen handler guide you.