Glebe, NSW 2037

Type of property: Townhouse/Terrace (Off-Market Purchase)

Reason of purchase: Primary Residence

Location: Hereford Street, Glebe NSW 2037

Property Journey:

Clients were based in UK and were relocating back to Sydney. They needed to secure a family home before they returned and didn’t want the extra stress of staying in temporary accommodation. They bought sight unseen and within 5 weeks of our search. We went through a number of off market properties throughout that time frame and secured a huge terrace in Glebe which we bought directly off the owner and was off market.


When we found out that we were to move from the UK to Australia in a few months’ time, I was keen to minimise the disruption for our family, especially the children. Moving to a demanding new role, I knew that I would not have time for much house-hunting, and in any case I wanted that precious weekend time to be committed to the family all of whom were going to have to settle into new schools, jobs and a new way of life. On a reconnaissance visit in February I decided at the last minute to investigate using a buyer’s agent, and Cohen Handler responded promptly, sending Natalija to visit me the next day (which was when I flew out!). We talked about our needs and preferences, and I flew back feeling good that someone was on the case before I had even landed. Searching for somewhere to live is not something I enjoy at the best of times, but I knew I was unlikely to have time to do it properly.

We were immediately sent a regular stream of leads and it was only about 4 weeks before we found a property that fitted the bill. We exchanged before I even landed in Australia, so it was with some trepidation that I set eyes on it for the first time in April and was delighted. Our furniture and belongings have now arrived from the UK and we are seeing the house become ‘ours’ and feel absolutely delighted with the promise of our new home. The location is exactly what we wanted, and we would never have found it without Natalija as it was not on the open market when we bought it. It has all the essential features we were looking for, and is in an amazingly quiet location around the corner from a vibrant and busy part of Sydney with excellent transport links.

The three essential achievements for us are: firstly, the speed of the process means that we have been able to move directly from the UK into our new Australian home, without having to set up in temporary accommodation for some months in between with all the disruption and unease that entails. Secondly, we found a home with which we are delighted that I am sure we would not have found by ourselves. Thirdly, I spent almost no time at all on this otherwise very time-consuming process, and was not only relieved of the burden of house-hunting, but was also never tempted to give up and buy something less than ideal because I couldn’t bear the thought of looking any longer.

It was worth every penny, and I would use Cohen Handler without hesitation again – although not, I hope, for many years!

Mrs Maurency – Glebe Purchaser