At Cohen Handler, we offer years of experience in the Brisbane real estate market. With an expert team of property buyer’s agents on staff, we are the ones who can help you find the property of your dreams. Don’t spend your precious time scouring the internet for houses for sale in Brisbane, instead speak with our friendly team about your specific requirements and allow us to deliver you a range of options that are perfectly suited to your taste and needs. 

What a property buyers agent does

Though many are familiar with the term ‘real estate agent’ and how this kind of representative functions in the property world, people are not as familiar with the concept of a ‘buyer’s agent’. Where a real estate agent represents the seller’s interests in the sale of a property, a buyer’s agent is there solely to represent the buyer in property transactions. 

When you engage the services of our team of buyer’s agents in Brisbane, they will be your advocate in any aspect of property buying. With years of experience in the real estate industry in the local area, your Cohen Handler buyer’s agent will be able to handle complex negotiations on your behalf in addition to a range of other services, including: 

  • Finding properties that are suitable to your needs
  • Providing access to properties before they hit the open market
  • Providing advice on the purchase of a property
  • Arranging necessary building and pest inspections
  • Providing recommendations for conveyancing lawyers
  • Assisting in the settlement of your property

Entrusting a property buyer’s agent with your best interest streamlines and simplifies this otherwise lengthy and stressful process. Moreover, it provides you with the support you need to be confident in your real estate purchase.

Reasons to engage a Cohen Handler property buyer’s agent in Brisbane

Navigating the real estate market in Australia can be complicated, time-consuming and even messy at times. Employing the services of one of our buyer’s agents in Brisbane takes all the stress out of your real estate transactions. The peace of mind that comes with having an experienced professional as your advocate in your property dealings is incomparable. There are several reasons why our clients have loved us and recommend working with our Brisbane-base buyer’s agents, including: 

  • Professional experience
    For those who are new to the real estate market, the idea of purchasing your first home can be quite daunting. Having an experienced Brisbane buyer’s agent on your side can give you the confidence you need to take one of life’s biggest steps.

  • Local area knowledge
    A buyer’s agent will often be a specialist in a certain area. If you feel that you don’t have the best knowledge of real estate in Brisbane, you can lean on the expertise of your Cohen Handler Brisbane buyer’s agent to provide you with all of the inside information on the suburbs you are considering.

  • Accurate valuations
    When buying a property, it is always important to know that you are not overpaying. A buyer’s agent will be able to give you a precise valuation of the property you are considering for absolute peace of mind that the price is right. 

  • Assistance with finance
    Though you might have your pre-approval in place to finance the purchase of your property, there will still be a pile of paperwork to be completed. Your Brisbane-based buyer’s agent will be able to assist you with the completion of these financial requirements and explain complex real estate terms that can be tricky to understand. Our property buyer’s agents in Brisbane will also be able to recommend you to their network of mortgage brokers if you are still seeking finance. 

  • Managing interstate purchases
    If you are not located in Brisbane but want to purchase in the area, our Brisbane buyer’s agents can do the groundwork for you and help you find the right properties without your presence. This minimises your travel requirements, saving you time, money and stress.

  • Handling negotiations on your behalf
    The purchase of a home can be an emotional process, and emotions can often cloud judgment when negotiating with the seller. Having an independent third party to negotiate on your behalf will ensure that you are achieving the best purchase price for your Brisbane property. 

  • Contract management 
    The contract stage of a property purchase is an important step in the buying process. Your buyer’s agent will ensure that the contract of sale is not only completed professionally but also with terms that are suitable to you. Our experienced Brisbane buyer’s agents will be able to successfully negotiate financial clauses, settlement times and other essential factors in the contract of sale on your behalf. 

The cost of a property buyer’s agent in Brisbane

Like real estate agents, Seller’s agents will always behave as though they are on your side, especially if they are pitching to get the sale of a property completed. However, you cannot always trust that they have your best interests at heart, as they are ultimately being paid by the seller. By engaging the services of one of our professional Brisbane buyer’s agents, you can be sure to have someone in your corner and that their loyalty will remain with you. As your Cohen Handler buyer’s agent solely represents your interests, they will not be taking commissions from any other parties.

Though some agents charge a fixed rate, the cost of a buyer’s agent is usually charged as a percentage of the final sales price of a property. In Australia, this cost usually ranges between 2.5 and 3%, so it is good to remember to factor this into your budget when it comes to buying a home or investment property. 

With many years of combined experience on our side, Cohen Handler Brisbane offers some of the best buyer’s agents in the city. Contact us today to discover the difference an expert property buyer can make to your next real estate purchase.