Luxe Listings Sydney’s season finale is here and leaves fans with the biggest cliffhanger yet

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As the season finale of Luxe Listings Sydney drops today (Friday, October 21), this upcoming episode has just about everything – multi-million dollar mansions, an A-list celebrity client and two star-crossed lovers from sibling agencies.

Throw in a lavish boat party where drama is bound to ensue, and it’s the perfect way to end this epic season.

***Warning: huge spoilers ahead***

As episode five, ‘I think I’ve died and gone to heaven,’ left on quite the cliffhanger, we’re all anxiously waiting to find out if powerhouse D’Leanne can land her client the luxurious Sienna House.

However, over at Palm Beach, Simon and Tammy head to the exclusive Saint Lucia House, which is said to be one of Sydney’s most private homes for a super-secret A-Lister (and no, it’s not Delta this time).

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But the hot shots at The Rubinstein Group (TRG) are also set to see a change as the business keeps growing with short king Gav close to finding a new office for his leading real estate firm.

However, the episode is merely warming up as Shani debuts her engagement ring from Costi Cohen’s Tas to the TRG team.

Offffft, this oughta stir up the agents for sure.

I mean, forbidden love amid the cutthroat Sydney real estate market? What could be more scandalous?

But things get juicier as Gavin announces that TRG and Costi Cohen will be throwing the newly engaged couple a boat party in celebration of the upcoming nuptials.

Which begs the question, can all the competing agents attending finally put things aside in the name of love and holy matrimony?

With countless overflowing champagne bottles, spectacular views and a steamy hot tub, you’d expect bygones to be bygones, right? Wrong!

Let’s just say a couple of bruised egos and a long history of battle blood between agents are sure to set this party off.

The episode culminates in the biggest nail-biter of all, with buyer’s agent Simon ripping the soon-to-be groom off the boat to go buy *checks notes* an island?! Yup. Of course, they’re buying an island.

As Gavin says: “that’s business!”

So grab the popcorn and the Versace robe and get ready for this jaw-dropping conclusion that will have you clutching at your pearls.

The season finale of Luxe Listings Sydney is streaming now on Prime Video with all seasons available to binge right now.

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