Home Tour: Luxe Listings Sydney star Simon Cohen’s Elizabeth Bay apartment

Buyer’s agent Simon Cohen, co-host of Luxe Listings Sydney on Amazon Prime, might spend his working days looking for spectacular homes for the rich and famous, but away from the glitz and glamour, he prefers a hotel lifestyle rather than a sprawling mansion of his own.

When Cohen bought his Elizabeth Bay apartment six years ago, he transformed it from a dark and dingy residence via a bright white and modern makeover. The interior is all about neutral tones – there are hints of classic navy and herringbone floors throughout.

Cohen with his favourite works by friend Dina Broadhurst. Photo: Nicky Ryan

The master artwork is the showstopper in the apartment. It was created by his good friend Dina Broadhurst, while four original Chanel campaign prints run down the length of his hallway, playing on his love of fashion.

“Having something personally created for my apartment by a dear friend plays a special role in taking a house and making it into a home,” says Cohen.

“The apartment is lightly coloured and simple, and the dark and romantic masculinity of the art ties everything together and balances the room.”

And as for the nod to French luxury brand Chanel, Cohen says: “These are Chanel advertisement prints from a pre-digital age, and I love the edgy sense of history they bring into the house. They are something I appreciate and will always find a place for in all my homes.”

The Chanel prints and blue dining chairs adding a pop of colour to the kitchen space. Photo: Nicky Ryan

For someone who never thought he’d like to live in a busy inner-city location, Elizabeth Bay has grown on him.

“Having called this area home as long as I have, I do love it,” says Cohen, who runs his business, Cohen Handler, with the help of his parents and sister.

“I train at Rushcutters Bay in the morning and love the access to restaurants, bars and cafes on Macleay Street and surrounds,” he says.

That said, he’s also in the midst of building a new apartment in Potts Point, due to be completed later this year.

The 37-year-old says his apartment is more functional than a place to invite guests; it’s more of a sanctuary away from his busy work life.

The meticulous storage space for Cohen’s fashions. Photo: Nicky Ryan

“I am not home a lot,” he admits. “I don’t cook, and I work long hours, so being close to everything is ideal for me. The building has a gym and indoor pool, which I use, and I turned a spare bedroom into a wardrobe to accommodate my love of clothes, and that works for me.”

The two-level apartment comes with a bedroom and bathroom on each floor.

“If I ever have anyone staying over, I can give them privacy, and there’s a point of separation,” he says.

There’s furniture from Coco Republic, custom joinery throughout and interior-designed blue trays on display, purchased from Becker Minty.

“What I love about living in an apartment is that, while I am in a busy area of Sydney when I am inside my apartment and close the door, it’s just peace and quiet for me. I can go out to the hustle and bustle if I choose,” Cohen says.

A good suit is a must to be a co-host on Luxe Listings Sydney. Photo: Nicky Ryan

The third season of Luxe Listings will premiere on September 30 and sees Cohen and co-host Gavin Rubinstein trying to find Australian singer-songwriter Delta Goodrem the perfect home. The show proudly boasts its celebrity clientele – proof that more are starting to call on buyer’s agents to advocate for them when looking to buy luxurious retreats and mega-million-dollar waterfront properties.

“I was a real estate agent before becoming a buyer’s agent, and I was good at it,” Cohen says.

“Being in real estate taught me that this business model was needed in Australia, and it gave me the idea to launch. If I wasn’t a buyer’s agent, I’d be a lawyer or hedge fund manager – all because I love a good debate and conversation,” he says.

Luxe Listings gives the world insight into what we do and shows just how cool the job is,” he says.

“We have access to some amazing properties, and it gives viewers a chance to see how the other side lives.”

By Jane Rocca

September 9, 2022