Escaping the Hustle & Bustle: From the Inner City to the Country

We’re swiftly approaching seven months under varying lockdown restrictions across Australia, while we continue to endure this global pandemic. With economic and social repercussions turning our lives upside down, many have been forced to rethink what is important in daily life.

No longer is the phrase ‘location, location, location’ so relevant when looking at properties for purchase. With COVID-19 keeping many Australians confined to their homes, their neighbourhoods, and away from their places of work and recreation, the crisis has forced many to clearly define what they want from their living space. In many cases, the answer is surprising. Closed bars, pubs, and cafes have led many to seek the simpler pleasure of a walk in nature – the problem being that for many Australians living in (once) sought after centralised metro areas, these wide-open green spaces are few and far between.

For these Australians, the first step after lockdown is out past the city limits into a more simplified outer suburb or regional life. If you’re one of the many considering making your big move out of the city, the knowledgeable team at Cohen Handler is here to assist. Who said buying or managing a property had to be stressful and unenjoyable? Our services are designed to make acquiring and upkeeping real estate much smoother and simpler. We will even conduct unique and dynamic research on properties to make sure you get the best value for money in a location you’ll love.


Inner City vs Country – Is a tree/sea change right for you?

With the need to self-isolate looking like sticking around for a while longer, spending a majority of our time at home has become a normal part of life. Work from home rules are proving beneficial for so many people that we could see a change in the way a remote work schedule is integrated into our futures. The need to subject ourselves to an often congested weekday commute could soon be eliminated, giving people more freedom of choice when it comes to the location in which they reside.

But the enduring question then is: where? While each individual’s circumstances and goals are unique, there are a few points of commonality cited by those looking to make the switch – more greenery, more space and more fresh air please, but keep the convenience and city-access.

At Cohen Handler, our buyer’s agents want to help you make your next home that much more satisfying and beautiful than the last, so we’ve compiled a few suggestions for where to look for your city escape. Keeping in mind the need for city access, we’ve selected three beautiful locations offering stunning natural environments combined with easy commutes to capital cities for an experience that’s truly the best of both worlds.


Macedon Ranges, Victoria

Just north of Melbourne, nestled in the gorgeous Macedon Ranges is the cluster of small towns; Woodend, Kyneton, and Castlemaine. This area’s popularity has grown over the last decade and there’s no sign of it slowing as people seek out alternatives to city living. This area is well connected to Melbourne via V-line trains and buses and is an easy 90-minute drive into the city. The local area is renowned for its eclectic arts scene, rich gold rush history, and is quickly becoming a foodies heaven, with local producers and plenty of cafes and restaurants opening up.


Toowoomba & Ipswich, Queensland

Similarly, way up north, the trend doesn’t differ too much with Brisbane locals making the move to the likes of Ipswich, which is a 40-minute drive from the city, and Toowoomba, a little further out at approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes by car, bus or train. Both locations have seen boosts in infrastructure funding to accommodate the growing population and have attracted remote workers and families looking for something a little more comfortable. The dream of owning your own property seems much more attainable with the average house price in Toowoomba setting you back less than $300,000.


Central Coast, New South Wales

While it may be a ‘tree-change’ for Victorians and Queenslanders, it’s more of a ‘sea change’ in New South Wales, with Sydneysiders making the decision to shift their lives to the Central Coast, and distancing themselves from the extortionate cost of living that the capital is so well known for. From Avoca to Newcastle and every town in between, the stunning beaches rival Sydney’s and are less populated when you want a day in the sunshine. This location is perfect for those people who still want to be connected with the city while enjoying a sustainable cost of living. Regular trains and busses connect the Central Coast with Sydney and the 90-minute drive is enjoyable, to say the least.


Get the best of both worlds

‘Liveability’ means something different to everyone, so it’s a good idea to consider what is important to you before looking for your dream property. Accessibility, cost of living, your future plans and budget could be just a few items on the list. The most common complaint throughout this crisis has been the issue of space and outdoor living areas. Inner city residential properties are most often not conducive to feeling like you can really stretch out. So maybe it is time to ditch the stifling high density living for somewhere a little further out, where the same amount of money could get you much, much more.

There is no denying that moving out of the city to a regional hub could eliminate time spent commuting, unnecessary financial strain and space constraints. When you get more bang for your buck in a regional or outer suburban area, you will ultimately have more money to play with in the long run. You may find yourself with a dedicated work space in your home or even a spare room for city visitors or children down the line. You’ll be able to settle in and enjoy life at a slower pace and still have the excitement of planning day trips and overnight visits to the big cities you once called home.

We understand how difficult such major change can be. Our experts know exactly where to start and will work closely with you to find the perfect location and the right price. With your best interests at heart, they will take the stress out of the house hunt and have you living your best country life in no time.

Find your slice of country heaven now! The team at Cohen Handler are waiting to speak with you today – call 1300 420 160 now.