Terminus St Petersham, NSW 2049

Type of property: House

Reason of purchase: Primary Residence

Location: Terminus Street, Petersham NSW 2049

Property journey:

The property journey was initially quite challenging for our client who was based in Melbourne. She was hoping to secure a property in Sydney which would serve as a great investment, however she also planned on living in that property a few years down the track once she relocated. Due to her distance, she found it quite difficult to access opportunities in a timely fashion and was really in need of someone to take over the whole process without the added stress. We secured a great 3 bedroom terrace prior to auction for a great price of $1,000,000. This is now rented out and continues to grow in value as Petersham has been one of the top performing Inner West suburbs within the last few years.


Little did I know when I decided to buy a house in the inner west that I would be trying to buy in one of the most competitive and bullish markets.  After a month of trying to do it by myself from Melbourne and getting nowhere, I decided to get Robert involved.  After a couple of close calls, Robert, with the assistance of Natalija, managed to secure me a beautiful little house in Petersham prior to auction, a miracle really given the state of the market!

I have to say, I was a little shocked when I got the call from Robert telling me that our offer had been accepted, because I had resigned myself to having to spend at least another six months looking and watching more and more houses move beyond my budgetary reach.  Without Robert and Natalija’s focus, determination, knowledge of the market, unique insights, advice, connections and negotiating skills, I really don’t think we would have had any luck in buying anything in this market, let alone at the price we did.  So I will always be grateful to the two of them for helping me through this process.

Apart from the skills set out above, Robert and Natalija are both extremely professional and offer a level of service that can only be described as exceptional!  I would therefore have no hesitation in using their services again, or recommending them to anyone that is considering buying in Sydney.