Type of Property:  Apartment/Unit

Reason for Purchase: Primary Residence

Address: 8 Steel lane Surry Hills, NSW 2010.


Hugh and I have just bought this very sleek, architectural terrace house in Surry Hills.

“I wish I had met Michael and Hugh earlier. I had very little idea of what I wanted, what I could afford and what I needed. With style and class, they guided me slowly through the whole process, focused on what I needed AND desired and I have actually ended up with the home of my dreams. They turned what has hit to been an anxiety-ridden and sleepless night experiences of buying properties into something bordering on fun, something I NEVER thought I would say in a Month of Sundays. I couldn’t even have thought about achieving this fantastic result without their expertise, guidance and an absolutely first-class knowledge of the industry and second to none contacts. Thank-you boys Truly.”

When we first met our client he was selling an Art-Deco unit in Elizabeth Bay, we discussed his needs and desires and drafted up a brief for a more modern style of living with a greater focus on lifestyle and pet-friendly outdoor space. This newly built architectural terrace is a quiet and private retreat located right in the heart of Surry Hills. Our client loves the superb build quality, high-end interiors, and can’t wait to share his new home with a new puppy.

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