Stanley St Leichhardt, NSW 2040

Type of property: House

Reason of purchase: Primary Residence

Location: Stanley St, Leichhardt, NSW 2040

Property Journey:

The client was planning on getting married within 6 months and wanted to secure a family home. He had been looking for over 2 years before he approached Cohen Handler where he was finding the market quite challenging and missed out on a number of occasions. In one particular case a property sold for less than what he offered. In many cases the agents were not taking him serious and he felt frustrated throughout the whole process. After presenting him with a number of on market and off market properties, we secure a beautiful 3 bedroom house in Leichhardt prior to auction for $1,110,000. We exchanged contracts within 4 weeks of our search which was mind blowing considering he had been looking for over 2 years prior to that.

Client Testimonial:

I chose to use the services of a buyer’s agent after a couple of years of searching on the property market for a property with the short term goal to live in and long-term goal as an investment. I was fed up with dealing with real estate agents who consistently under-quote property values, don’t provide a price guide, even upon request, and not take my offers seriously. In one case, a property was sold for less than the written offer I had initially made, and more recently, all properties going up for auction – often leading to highly inflated prices due to strong demand and competitiveness with other prospective buyers.

I was referred to Cohen Handler buyer’s agents. I hadn’t heard about them prior to this but when I asked around I found a number of people within my network, mainly business execs, and lawyers, none of which I am, and was told that Cohen Handler areone of the best.

I met with Natalija from Cohen Handler and discussed my situation, where my frustrations were and the issues I had encountered when searching for, and pursuing a property to buy. Natalija then let me know that the services she offers through Cohen Handler can definitely benefit me. We went through a brief where I outlined to Natalija the types of property I was after, my budget, and locations. We also agreed on the ‘must haves’ and the features that we were willing to compromise on. We also both set out our own expectations of each other. One of the things I liked most is that from the beginning my expectations were managed, ensuring that whatever Natalija had brought to my attention was that of something that matched what was in the brief.

The very next day after our first meeting Natalija had sent through a shortlist of 20 properties, many of them meeting the criteria within the brief. Some of these properties were off-market and pre-market which I only ever had access to via a buyer’s agent.

Fast forward to less than 4 weeks later, Natalija secured a property that met all my ‘must haves’. This property was listed online. We went to the first open inspection and after completing our due diligence we put forward an offer which the vendor accepted prior to the  auction. The key was that Natalija was able to work whilst I and other buyers were at work. Natalija also had the ability to negotiate with the selling agent and her quick action, negotiation, and contacts within the industry is what managed to secure the property before there was more public interest, more open inspections, more offers, and before auction. There was less competition because Natalija could act sooner rather than later.

Some of the key things that I found important and enjoyable in Natalija representing me as buyer’s agent is that she was able to deliver within the turnaround period she outlined to me within the brief. Natalija was extremely professional, but at the same time, made me feel quite comfortable to work with, as well as trust that I was in highly capable hands.

I would strongly recommend anyone who has been in or is in, the same situation as myself, to use the services provided by Natalija. Thanks again for securing me such an amazing property.

I look forward to using your services again on my next property purchase.

Mark S