Potts Point, NSW 2011

Type of Property: Apartment

Reason For Purchase: Investment Property

Address: 199A Victoria Street, Potts Point, NSW 2011

Property Journey: 

Having just successfully purchased a 1-bedroom primary residence in Elizabeth Bay for my clients in June, I was asked to find them an investment property in the same area to add to their investment portfolio.

Potts Point is going through a huge resurgence right now, the lock out laws have pushed forward dramatic gentrification of the area yet there are still many exciting opportunities with excellent yield and growth potential for the savvy buyer.

With strong local knowledge I was quickly able to focus our efforts on those properties I knew would offer my clients the best future returns. We were looking for smaller buildings with good character in a premium area.

We purchased a north facing 1-bedroom in Potts Point, off-market, in a charming Art Deco building on Victoria Street. It will be an excellent investment for my clients who are very happy and love the Art Deco styling.