Penkivil Rd Bondi, NSW 2026

Type of Property: Apartment

Reason for Purchase: Investment Property

Location: Penkivil Rd, Bondi NSW 2026

Property Journey:

The client, two brothers who were looking for an investment property to build their portfolio. Both professionals and very time poor but also seeking advice and guidance to find the very best property they could.


I had heard of too many stories from friends who had tried to find investment properties on their own and struggled with the process. I didn’t want to fall into the same category. Being very time poor I couldn’t make time to traipse through open homes on the weekend, nor did I have an interest in upskilling myself on the research front. A buyer’s agent seemed like the right idea for me. After interviewing four different buyer’s agents I met Walter from Cohen Handler who came highly recommended. Walter impressed me immediately. His innate understanding for value in the eastern suburbs is invaluable. If you want someone who can help you win in the difficult market that is Sydney – Walter gets my highest recommendation.