Newtown, NSW 2042

Type of Property: House

Reason for Purchase: Primary Residence

Address: Newtown, NSW 2042

Client Testimonial: 

“It seems when it comes to real estate that everyone is an expert. After hours and hours of online searching listening to all my friends who had bought in Sydney, attending auctions and open houses, I suddenly realized two years had gone by and really I was none the wiser. I have a demanding full time job and my partner works weekends so the whole thing was becoming increasingly more stressful.

Luckily I saw an article on buyer’s agents in SMH and found Ben Handler. Initially I was highly suspicious but was really impressed after having a meeting with Ben and Simon. Ben introduced me to one of their team members and two weeks later we owned a lovely house.

It was fantastic, they pounced on the property before it came on the market and finalized a deal, all I had to do was transfer the deposit, sign papers and get driven around in his car. It was so fast and efficient I didn’t even have time to get stressed and best of all I didn’t have to talk to one single sales agent. Due to Cohen Handler’s amazing negotiating skills they saved us between $25,000 and $60,000 … maybe even more and we got a great property!

Only disappointed it happened so quickly as my work colleague and I were looking forward to quite a few more lunchtime expeditions. I’m not an expert so I engaged a professional. I’m a convert, the boys are worth every cent I will definitely use their services again and I highly recommend them.”

– Sophie and Rob