Type of Property:  Apartment

Reason for Purchase:  Primary Residence

Address: Lot 1505/18 Longland Street Newstead, QLD 4006

The buyer is an expat looking to have a base in Brisbane for when she is in country. She had been looking for 12 months, and had previously missed on a couple of opportunities, due to the competitive segment of the market she was trying to buy in, and being based overseas.

The right property was found and through strong negotiation and strategic terms, the property was put under contract for $130,000 less then the current offer. Being primarily based in Papua New Guinea, our client had difficulty being efficient inspecting properties as they came to the market, along with a lack of access to suitable stock.

With these restrictions Cohen Handler was engaged to provide access to far more property than readily available on realestate.com and to be inspecting on their behalf as soon as possible.

With this assistance the client secured a Newstead penthouse within 3 weeks of engaging Cohen Handler.

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