Type of property: Freestanding House

Reason of purchase: Primary Residence

Address: Lindfield, NSW, 2070

Property Journey:

The clients were a referral to Riki Tawhara of Cohen Handler from his past clients whom he had secured their dream home in Castle Hill.

Riki came with great praise and was highly recommended, after the initial consultation in which Riki gathered a very detailed brief. The process was underway.

After 3 weeks of sourcing, inspecting and negotiating, they managed to come across their dream home.

The property eventually went to auction. Riki bid on their behalf.

Utilising a pre-meditated bidding strategy, he managed to secure the property at a very satisfying price.

The feedback the clients provided immediately preceding the auction was that: they felt their nerves may have got the best of them had they been bidding themselves.