Lalor Park, NSW 2147

Type of Property: Freestanding House

Reason of Purchase: Investment Property

Address: Cartwright Crescent, Lalor Park NSW 2147

Property Journey:

The client under advice from his personal accountant desired to develop a property portfolio for both a low-risk exposure to capital gain and to manage tax treatments. The client’s ultimate position was to build real property equity and pursue potential tax offsets.

The client had very limited experience in real estate investing and open to all property type considerations. The client opted for a risk and return profile towards Sydney’s outer Western suburbs.

Client Testimonial:

“The experience of Cohen Handler in the area gave market recognition as a well-versed buyer to engage at pre-market to the wider campaign. In close consultation with the client, common ground was found with vendor within budget that not only exceeded expectations to property features but speed of short-listing and execution.”