Glenmore Park

Type of property: Freestanding House

Reason of purchase: Residential

Address: Jirramba Court, Glenmore Park, NSW, 2745

Property Journey:

Being time poor and unsuccessful in the search for a house, the clients were referred to Cohen Handler in order to find their perfect property.

Felix kept in contact with the clients maintaining a clear understanding of their plans and requirements, moulding the process around the client’s suitability.

Working fast to secure the 3-bedroom house, Felix utilised his industry networks and exercised his negotiation skills.


“We were introduced to Cohen & Handler by our Financial Planner after we were not getting any results from the [Buyers Agent] we had engaged.

What a difference engaging Cohen Handler made!! They listened to me and it was all ‘Go’ from start to finish.

Felix was assigned to work with us and he was fantastic. As we were shift workers having narrow timeframe to visit properties, Felix was able to arrange properties so that we could view them at our convenience, which was really great.

In a week we had inspected more properties than the previous agent. Felix had good network of real estate professionals and it was a matter of time that we would get a property. And within a few weeks we were able to secure a property.

Felix provided us support all the way to the end until we had the house key in our hands. In working with Felix we found him flexible, understanding and easy to work with, in addition to his understanding of the real-estate parameters.

We will highly recommend Cohen Handler to anyone. Without their help we would not have been able to secure our property, given the current market.”