Darling Point Road, Darling Point NSW 2027

Type of Property: Apartment

Reason for Purchase: Primary residence

Location: Darling Point Road, Darling Point NSW 2027

Property Journey: This was a very emotional journey for this couple. They were living in an apartment with no elevator and the husband took ill and found the stairs too  much. They sold this apartment and needed to find a smaller one with level access or lift and parking. They looked on their own with the help of their children but even this proved too hard and stressfull. They were referred to Steven Langman who within a few weeks found them their dream apartment with level access and lift ( North facing as well) and garage. The settlement of this purchase is exactly simultaneous with their sale so all turned out well.


Dear Steven.

I would like to thank you sincerely for the care, tenacity and the positive way you handled finding my parents an apartment. With many restrictions from price to suburb (mentioning just a few) you managed to find the perfect apartment for my parents. It was a very emotional and difficult time for my family with stress levels at their peak. But, you rolled your sleeves up and worked in a team with my siblings, parents and myself tirelessly. Ignoring the anxieties, presenting a sunny front and always a promise that you would find the apartment – and you certainly delivered on your promise. A warm, clean north facing apartment in Darling point. Exactly what my parents wanted and needed in their price range. Not only was your handling of my family done with heart but the negotiation showed your fine character to.

It has been a pleasure dealing with you. We are very grateful for your experience, professionalism and your kindness.

Wishing you all the success you deserve.