Darling Point, NSW 2027

Type of property: Apartment

Reason of purchase: Property Management Property

Address: Thornton St, Darling Point, NSW, 2027.

Property Journey:

The client had previously engaged Cohen Handler’s Buyer’s Agency service and acquired the Thornton St, Darling Pt property with final settlement executed November 2014. The owner intended that the home be initially leased for a number of years before completing major renovations to convert to holiday accommodation whilst in Sydney and to possibly short-term let.

It was deemed that some superficial renovations should take place prior to the long-term lease to ensure maximum marketability and enhanced yield. Cohen Handler were able to act as project managers in sourcing high-end, yet durable pieces and materials that suited the client’s tastes. Colour paint sequences and finishes were presented and reviewed with the client. Installations and paintings were all tightly scheduled over a 3 week period to ensure trade works completed by Christmas.