Castle Hill

Type of property: Townhouse

Reason of purchase: Residential

Address: Cecil Avenue, Castle Hill,NSW, 2154

Property Journey:

The clients were a family living overseas with a young child.

Having been aware of Sydney’s hot market, the client approached Shanshan right after they obtained an Australian permanent resident visa which allows them to buy existing properties in local market.

Shanshan took on the search, inspection and negotiation, reported to client remotely of each step.

Understanding the client planned to hold the property as an investment for 1-2 years before moving in, Shanshan secured this private, neat, low maintenance 2 bedroom townhouse for client. It’s just 10 minutes walk from a soon to be train station.


“When realise we are not in the position of moving to Sydney right away, we were afraid of being left out by Sydney’s market. Friends recommend Shanshan to us. She is absolutely professional and straight to point! She made our life much easier! We would definitely recommend Shanshan to other buyers!”