Brook St, Coogee NSW 2034

Type of Property: House

Reason for Purchase: Primary Residence

Address: Brook St, Coogee NSW 2034

Macroeconomic Concerns:

The clients were a young, professional couple expecting their first baby. As they were presently living in a Coogee apartment, the brief was to source a larger family home to harness a family friendly format for a long-term hold. The clients wanted to maximise a Sydney beach-side lifestyle. This included importance to high performing schools to the area, well serviced public transport to the Sydney CBD, access to local shops, family leisure facilities and choice of cafés/restaurants. Although the clients had clear regional parameters to their Coogee acquisition scope, they had struggled to uncover and secure value in a highly demanding market.

Stock Specific Mandate:

5 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms / 2 car
The clients desired a property needing little to no renovation – immediate relocation was specified. Whilst there was open-mind to colour sequences and design style, high quality finishes with open-floor plans were essential to embrace the beach atmosphere.

Execution Rationale:

Your home is not an impulse purchase, it is a sequential evolving process. In close consultation with the client, a short-lost was to the most suitable, vetted properties was maintained to the more strongly demanded street addresses that presented sound valuations. Brook St, Coogee provided the client with transitional practicalities to match the family development timeline and was positioned for capital growth supported by curb appeal and long-term structural integrity.