Bardwell Park, NSW 2207

Type of property: House

Reason of purchase: Primary Residence

Address: Stotts Avenue, Bardwell Park, NSW, 2207

Property Journey:

The clients were referred to Cohen Handler by their accountant. They were looking for a home in the inner west and had missed out on a few at the end of the buying process.

Walter Nanni managed to find this one within 3 weeks and had looked at around half a dozen over the weekends.

After missing out on one home at auction in the 2nd week, Walter secured the one in Bardwell Park prior to auction only days before the auction was actually scheduled.  The clients were beyond excited as originally they thought this home would be way above their budget.


“We highly recommend Walter Nanni at Cohen Handler for the excellent work he did enabling us to buy our dream home. 

We bought a popular home before auction at a realistic price, after a month of research and weekend inspections – not a whole year.  In the current Sydney market it made a lot of sense to us to have a professional, experienced and networked real estate agent working for us as buyers, even more so given that such a small proportion of buyers access this kind of service. 

Walter’s approach is professional and highly consultative, and flexible to buyers needs whether they are detached from the buying process and want it done on their behalf, or whether they were deeply engaged with the process as we were.  In a very challenging market for buyers, Walter’s professional experience meant he could tell a good value purchase from a risky proposition. 

It was Walter’s professional networks and the right approach to friendly honest communication with agents which gave us the edge in buying a property many other buyers wanted.  His services as a buyers’ agent enabled us to achieve a realistic price for the sale, as well as the capital gain from time saved on searching for a property in a market of soaring house prices. 

Further to the home buying process Walt also provided excellent advice on repairs and renovations, getting us started for the next step of the process of turning our house purchase into our home.  Once again we would like to highly commend Walter at Cohen Handler for home buyers and wish others the best of luck in their home buying process.”