Balmain, NSW 2041

Type of Property: Terrace

Reason for Purchase: Primary Residence

Location: Smith Street, Balmain NSW 2041

Property Journal:

The client had been referred to Alexandra after missing out on 9 properties over 6 months as a serious buyer. The opportunity cost in time and resources to navigate a multitude of viewings over this search period was not underestimated. The client always took strong due diligence by title inspections, building & pest reports, architectural/engineering consultants as required, contract reviews and finance approval.

The client was now time exhausted and property values had climbed during this time.

Within the first week Alexandra arranged to view 3 on market and  5 off market terraces, with the final off market inspection ‘a winner.’

The quality and size of the home far exceeded terraces inspected on market and a price was negotiated that suited the client.

The client was ecstatic as the entire consultation process from inception to exchange had only taken 3 weeks.


I met Alex after 6 months of trying to secure a 2-3 bedroom terrace for myself in inner west Sydney.   I was completely frustrated with misleading price guides, a lack of personal service and the volume of competition when viewing and bidding at auctions.

My mortgage broker was kind enough to offer the referral of a Buyer’s Agent contact as the whole process was becoming very time consuming and costly with building inspections and contract reviews.  To add further pain I also missed at 2 different auctions by less than $10,000.

Alex was fantastic in that she knew the market well and most of the properties I’d viewed and bided on.  She took great care in establishing exactly was I after and the key suburbs I wanted to be in.

From the time I engaged Alex to the time I secured a house it was less than one month!  Alex sent me a number of houses everyday which I replied back reasons for or against which was great as I didn’t have a lot of spare time to research myself.  I was able to view most properties before they went to market and in the case of the house I bought I also looked at a number of off market houses I wasn’t even aware existed.

I’d highly recommend using a buyer’s agent, and in particular Alex, to any future buyers.

Kind Regards

Jennifer Scott